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Steve Cutts, punchy and biting

par Pierre-Alain Lévy

For once let’s start at the end by quoting the last sentence of this animated film by Steve Cutts « You never know what you’ve till it’s gone ! » .

Steve Cutts works with acid, but not just any, the one used by the artist to make an etching! Corrosive yes, like a caricaturist and a pamphleteer and his drawings have a lot of force and demonstrative effectiveness! Steve Cutts one of the directors whose most films we’ve shown The walk home, Keep the streets empty for me , Happiness, Mobile world

Napoleon said “make me a drawing rather than a long speech”. So Steve Cutts’ designs are punchy and go to the point. He even invented an expression, a coat-hanger word “mockumentary” built on mock and documentary. One would be almost tempted in these Coronavirus and lockdown time, to find in this film something premonitory.

These cartoon characters from radiant America have fallen from their feet, Popeye has become the shadow of himself!

Olécio partenaire de Wukali

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