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Steve Cutts brilliant animation movie

par Pierre-Alain Lévy

Just fitted the bill, so cute a film by Steve Cutts . A clairvoyant observation on our society, a sharp look, a description with a chisel that falls at the right time. The focal: the mobile phone

This post-COVID deconfinement, these torrents of moralizing lamentations on the world of yesterday, on political leaders, on consumer society, on globalization, on strategic sovereignty. You will see what you will see ! Yes, but…

One wants to change everything yes, but above all that we do not attack my certainties, my comfort of life, my conquests of freedom at the forefront of which my neurotic use of the phone. This portable, ambivalent symbol if it is of our technological world and of our pseudo libertarian ego. In reality this superb instrument of communication has become the antagonistic symbol of our atrophied freedom, of our dependence, of our conceptual nothingness, “our” indeed, because the freedom of each and everyone is impacted as is the functioning of our democracies. And the risk is immense and the danger very worrying.

A democracy of robots, skilled minuses, anesthetized, impotent, brainless parrots … Knowledge consumers without knowledge. Thirsty readers of SMS of 160 characters but unable to read books, accustomed only to ideas-slogans. Even more serious, hilotes, trepanned slaves, offered to political manipulators of all stripes and their worrying principals … (I will not fail to develop this last point later and in a completely different article)

« They know the price of everything and the value of nothing » said Oscar Wilde. What a premonitory and brilliant sentence.
To meditate, right?

Finally, I invite you to watch this short sequence of a dialogue with the philosopher Michel Serres. Tasty you will see, everything is said there!

English readers, would you like me to translate you what means this popular French name « cons » in English…! Just let’s have a look around us, wherever we are…!

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