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Exode… About Dinosaurs, from scientific research to fantasy

par Pierre-Alain Lévy

Here is certainly a subject that never ceases to question and become denser from a scientific point of view, the time of the dinosaurs. Whether in Colorado in the USA, or in Europe, fossil finds enrich the knowledge of specialists and delight audiences in museums.

A subject which also interests creators and especially the world of animated films. This film which is the subject of this column, Exodus, was produced by the students of SupinfoCom Arles.

Very well done moreover, the use of computer tools is perfectly mastered, the colors are pleasant to see, this impression of creation of the world as today we can now understand from the discovery of Martian images and the magnificent vision of the color of landscapes. But let us try to go further, however, and without wanting to undermine the value of the work of the realization team.

Everything has its place, right? On the one hand fantasy, on the other science, and the complicity between the two can sometimes be worth savoring joyful playful moments. So, and only for the short term, everyone remembers that already old-fashioned American cartoon TV series from the 1960s, The Flintstones (Les Pierreafeu in French) that delighted generations of viewers. Almost 166 25 minute episodes we all followed mockingly and amusedly enjoying what conveniently we will call “the second degree“. Subsequently the idea was taken up in particular by French television and it was particularly successful.

Olécio partenaire de Wukali

The freedom of the creator is above all a requirement because it is freedom itself.

Our time of media civilization, formatted by social networks, and the cybernetic speed of information, does not always allow (and the expression is far below the truth) to distinguish between the true and the false, the truth and fantasy, reality and manipulation, truth and conspiracy because at the end of the day that is what it is all about.
Couldn’t a butterfly’s wing beat trigger a tsunami on the other side of the world …!
I would not like to be a killjoy in this regard.

In this charming cartoon, form (and it is successful) takes precedence over substance. Dinosaurs and men… well let’s see! Except, yes, hundreds of millions of years separate the existence of some from the appearance of others, when you love you don’t count, I know! Let’s be even more finicky, the metal statuette is downright “henaurm“, (huge, incredible) and I will not mention this idea of ​​the protohistoric family, like the French Family!

But other than that, really everything is fine, because the film is well done and we are, it should be remembered here, in the realm of dreaming, fantasy, creation and imagination.

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