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The man who was afraid of falling, a philosophical demonstration ?

par Pierre-Alain Lévy

But what is this old man afraid of falling? Of the vertigo of heights, of the loss of his balance, of the vanity of the things that surround us and form our sensitive decor?

As is our custom, Saturday is the rendezvous on WUKALI with the animated film. So today it’s a film that comes from Wales. So what does this old man dread, isn’t he old, with white hair and a greying moustache that testifies to the many years that have passed. What has he learned, what has he read, he who keeps on the shelves of his library a few books that he seems to hold dear?

The fall, an old biblical theme, first Jewish, then Christian, which leads to many controversies.

Fear, but of what? To live, yes, to love, to savor, to discover, to marvel, to share, to learn, to create, to invent, to stand up straight, to reach out, to transmit this very life and its values to one’s children, of course. But remain stoic, dignified. As much as it is possible and in the respect of his physical integrity and his mental health.

This old man, obviously has not learned much, crumpled who knows, from all sides without seeing the way, manipulated in his beliefs, lost, led to these towers where he settles and finds himself isolated.

It is a little the history of a fraction of the society in this time of Covid. It will be up to the epistemologists in the future to study the lines of force which intersect and to bring to light the fractures which break apart our social being and weaken us.

For let’s see, don’t we see, among us, at the very heart of a modern and technological society, fears resurfacing from another time, an inculture or a lack of knowledge of what seemed to us for a long time a cultural asset, a confidence in medicine and science, in the vaccine?

We discover an educational relativism that pretends to believe that everything is equal to everything. A deep ignorance in fact. A phenomenon that affects all countries. A bit like the old man in the film who is afraid of falling. Something that stands out (and without wanting to be pedantic), reptilian, unassimilated. An expression of a social malaise, a difficulty, like a hiccup of civilization.

The great discovery of this Covid pandemic is to discover that each of us was going to die…!
Alleluia, sings the chorus of virgins!

However, a few diehards (and I furiously feel like writing “irresponsible”), do not care about it, refusing to be vaccinated, criticizing the medical profession and the government which protects and takes sanitary and legislative measures, and not worrying in fine about all those who are affected by this cursed Covid and die in the hospitals! A large part of “these people” are in fact, deep down, adherents of a retrograde religiosity or a militant pagan mysticism. Most probably, don’t they know it themselves !

And during this time, like the Shadoks, they pump!

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