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Catharsis, a sexual assault as theme of a fantastic animation movie

by Pierre-Alain Lévy

A 2012 animated film by one of the great French animation schools Supinfocom Rubika. Its title Catharsis.

Three characters plus an additional and terrifying one. A main subject that gives the theme and that feeds our current events: sexual assault of which women are victims.

The main hero, a young man scratches paper in an office, and of what will follow in the story one could not at least say that he does not care, even that he is struck! The young directors of this film define it cursorily as a “psycho-thriller“, why not without Harrap’s or Oxford!

The unfolding of the narrative is well told, the close-ups of the faces of each of the protagonists underline the dramatic character of the action. The second part leads us into a fantastic, nightmarish, horrifying and terrifying world that is reminiscent of certain traditions of 19th century Japanese painting. The whole is lively and very strong. The violins in the musical background squeak in the manner of a work by Krzysztof Penderecki or Steve Reich.

Olécio partenaire de Wukali

Not bad, yes, not bad at all!

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