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Bernard Pivot, Monsieur

par Pierre-Alain Lévy

Monsieur Bernard Pivot, you’ve just joined Parnasse. An AFP dispatch just came in, and time has made its revolution.

Monsieur Bernard Pivot – yes, that French word, “monsieur”, which we reserve for masters and respect, for those who teach and guide us. You, Monsieur, have been able to do this for many of us through pleasure, debate and curiosity. The time you spent regularly following your literary television programs, Bouillon de Culture or Apostrophes, are like bricks, better still pages of our lives, from which nothing can be erased, and our libraries secretly rustle with your encounters and complicities with writers. And what can we say about your fantastic questionnaires?

Each program was built around an abyss, and your questions to the authors and their debates with each other enriched our knowledge. So yes Monsieur Pivot, you were the critical spur of our intellectual and literary discoveries and the troubadour of our pleasures, and I would like to go beyond this line between symbol and reality that temporarily separates us to thank you.

You, Bernard Pivot, the mischievous eye, the truculent, the fine, the amateur – the one who loves – the soccer enthusiast, the Lyonnais, the gourmand of words and of course of the terroir, who knew with simplicity around a table and under the eye of the television cameras how to invite the salt of the Earth, of intelligence, of creation and of the book, without barriers and always with generosity, I thank you for these regular moments of happiness and knowledge that you have been able to bring us every week on television. Thanks to you, the 1st movement of Rachmaninov’s piano concerto has become our must-see, that moment in time that becomes eternal, that spark that gives us life. Thank you, Monsieur, and merci in French, of course !

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